SmartWater Planet was created in 2014 with the aim of offering advanced technology and affordable services to any aquaculture community in the world, regardless of the distance and size of the producer.

Our Spirit

Our spirit leads us to promote competitive justice initiatives, aquaculture and methods in line with environmental responsibility.

Our journey

This journey has allowed us to confirm that not only is there a shortage of technology, but also of knowledge and that the demand for this knowledge is growing, as aquaculture is an increasingly used activity as the planet's fish resources have been depleted and overexploited.

Our community

It is for all this, as well as for our added experience in aquaculture production, for the contact with small or artisanal producers, medium and large corporations, with research centers and international organizations, that we developed AquaMasterClass; a community where we want the best specialists in the world in aquaculture to transmit their knowledge, experiences and vision of this activity.

Our goal

AquaMasterClass seeks that the learning of professionals and future aquaculturists break the conventional standards and can acquire knowledge that makes them more competitive, efficient and responsible in the activity they are developing thanks to this advanced online training platform, attractive and accessible from anywhere in the world.